Spanish Language Scripts

19.3s - Regresando al Hogar Luego del Huracan [Returning Home]

19.4s - No Permitas que te Engangen - 1 [Don't Get Taken - 1]

19.5s - No Permitas que te Engangen - 2 [Don't Get Taken - 2]

19.8s - Dano Causado por el Huracan a los Enseres Electricos [Damage Caused by Hurricane to Electrical Appliances]

19.9s - Agua Pura [Pure Water]

19.10s - Saneamiento [Sanitation]

19.11s - Higiene Personal [Personal Hygiene]

19.12s - Serpientes [Snakes]

19.13s - Roedores [Rodents]

19.21s - Manejando los Alimentos [Handling Food]

19.24s - Alimentos Refrigerados [Refrigerated Food]

19.28s - Utensilios de Cocina [Kitchen Utensils]

19.30s - Cocinando sin Energia Electrica [Cooking Without Electricity]

19.31s - Removiendo los Olores del Refrigerador Luego del Huracan [Removing Refrigerator Odors After a Hurricane]

19.34s - Si la Ropa Esta Realmente Sucia [Cleaning Very Dirty Clothes]

19.35s - Ayudando a su Nino - 1 [Helping Your Child - 1]

19.36s - Ayudando a su Nino - 2 [Helping Your Child - 2]

19.37s - Ayudando a su Nino - 3 [Helping Your Child - 3]

19.40s - Ayudando a Familiares y Amigos Que Estan Bajo Estres [Helping Your Family and Friends Handle Stress]

19.41s - Estres Familiar [Family Stress]


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