University of Florida IFAS Extension The Disaster Handbook

Disaster Handbook Updates

The Disaster Handbook --- National Edition was originally published in 1998. The Handbook is an ongoing project and its contents are subject to periodic review. Revisions are released two or three times a year. On this page, revised publications are listed by publication date. We have also provided a complete table of contents with revision dates for each document.

Publications Revised through November 1, 2003

Section 0.2 -- Detailed Table of Contents (9/03; Revised)

Section 0.5 -- Publication Histories for Disaster Handbook Documents (11/03; Added)

Section 1.4 -- Cooperative Extension Offices -- U.S. States and Territories (9/03; Revised)

Section 2.1 -- Contents of Chapter 2 (9/03; Revised)

Section 2.7 -- Keeping a Household Inventory and Protecting Valuable Records (5/03; Revised; Former title: Protecting Valuable Records)

Section 4-1 -- Contents of Chapter 4 (9/03; Revised)

Section 4.31 -- Six Steps in Making an Insurance Claim (5/03; Revised; Former title: Handling Insurance)

Section 4.32-- Individual Assistance Programs from FEMA (5/03; Revised)

Section 4.33-- USDA Farm Service Agency Disaster Assistance (5/03; Revised; Former title: USDA Rural Development)

Section 4.34-- Flood Insurance -- A Key to Recovery (5/03; Revised)

Section 4.35-- Sources of Information on Flood-Resistant Design and Construction (5/03; Revised; Former title: National Flood Insurance Program -- Sources of Information on Flood-Resistant Design and Construction)

Section 4.36-- How the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Works (5/03; Revised; Former title: What You Need to Know about Federal Disaster Assistance and Federal Flood Insurance)

Section 4.38-- What You Need to Apply for Disaster Rehabilitation Assistance (5/03; Revised; Former title: Disaster Rehabilitation Assistance -- Grants, Loans, and How to Apply)

Section 5.5-- Replacing Lost or Damaged Papers (5/03; Revised)

Section 5.9-- Avoiding Frauds and Deception (5/03; Revised)

Section 18.5 -- Sinkholes (5/01; Revised)

Section 19.1 -- Contents of Chapter 19 (9/03; Revised)

Section 19.42 -- Getting the News Out in Time of Disaster (6/00; New Publication)